There are several techniques you can optimize the featured snippets of Google. Below mentioned techniques could help in which optimization of snippets. Contizant Consulting is the Best SEO Company in India and always delivers satisfying results on time.

Follow these guidelines for optimizing the snippets

Research for the appropriate Keywords

You will need to determine the keywords that rank on the very first page. Grab hold of new opportunities by using tools such as AHREFs. Do proper research related to keywords focusing on the questions. These can help you target the most common words that occur in the featured snippets.

Revising the existing content

Content that already exists needs a different approach. Your existing content might be having a high rank, but it will help to include the targeted keywords in the beginning paragraph. It would appear in bold formatting within the snippet. For priming your content, you can attach summary and list.

Produce brand new strategy-oriented content

You can browse the internet for trends across the world for deciding your content strategy. Producing content that efficiently answers different questions concerning Who, When, Where, How, What can help create relevant products?

Improvise the overall SEO

Working on the best quality content that is in a readable format and is consumable works best for optimization. Being featured happens when the content’s ranking is higher. Following the SEO practices will help in making the content searchable.

Manage the queries with tact

You can structure the content into specific questions and provide a hook to the content which can help a user in clicking through a snippet.

Use a fact-oriented approach

Google is known to give higher importance to fact related figures and numbers. So make sure you add plenty of richness and color while answering any query. Provide the ingredients steps, dates, and numbers.

Providing answers concisely

You can add the main question that resonates with your description as a heading and subheading. The solution or the content can be expressed in an eloquent manner keeping the content brief and precise. The structure is essential to facilitate easy reading for the users.

Introduce the images

You can make use of iconic images that are attractive and attract attention throughout the web page. WordPress adds dates to the pictures. WordPress can help you with adding the dates to the pictures.

A featured snippet helps to increase the exposure along with traffic. The relevancy also gets a boost, for optimizing in a better way; you can target the query-based questions. If you have been searching for the best digital marketing company in USA, then you have come to the right spot.

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