Enhancements and Improvements in the Brand New Release of Android 10

Android 10 has finally arrived and is available for users to purchase who were anxiously awaiting its release. Google has made significant changes and improvements in the latest version of Android. These are some of the best features you will experience when you upgrade to android 10. Android 10 comes with its benefits, such as the capability to gather information about the IP multimedia subsystem quality call quality. This includes the quality from and to the network. 

Every external storage device comes with its unique volume name. Users can use the flag of is_pending to provide exclusive access to the app to a media file. The media and graphics have also gained new features in android 10; for instance, you can easily capture and record the playback of audio from different apps.

Multiple New Features

Media codec info is available with android ten which can enable you to see the information related to a codec. The thermal API is a great feature as the games and apps can use it for monitoring the changes that take place on the device. This can help to lower the temperature of the device and maintain the power consumption to low levels. Android 10 adds up numerous enhancements regarding the monochrome camera capability. The Y8 format support has been added for enhancing memory efficiency.  The high-efficiency file format for images in android 10 provides better quality encoding while maintaining a smaller size.

The easy connect to Wi-Fi in android ten has replaced the outdated WPS. Apps can effortlessly integrate with easy connect into the setup and provision flow. The users can press Ctrl+alt+Z for triggering the accessibility-related shortcuts on the keyboard. Android 10 has many new APIs, which give support for timeouts that are defined by the users for the interactive UI elements and also the non-interactive ones. The android 10 is a potent release and is expected to be well received by the users, but only the future will tell.

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