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SMO or Social SEO is known as the set of strategies that are used to channel social media towards unique visitors to the website and generate better ROI for the business. Improved search ranking is also beneficial for successful SMO. It’s about engaging audience, building a network, creating a rapport, and using “word-of-mouth” to gain more audience and spread your message. SMO is all about generating a buzz that will go a long way in generating visibility for your business.

Social Media Optimization is considered an integral part of the strategy for individuals or business that cares about their online presence.

How does SMO differ from SEO?

Search Engine Optimization also focuses on visitors visiting the website. However, SEO and SMO differ is the source of the unique visitor. While SEO works on locating visitors via search engines, SMO works on obtaining visitors via social media.

Hence both SMO and SEO are critical for a website to succeed. Both of them complement each other and provide astounding success to the website when implemented in the cycle.

Types of SMO

SMO can essentially be classified into two main types

Type 1: On-site SMO

Essentially social media features can be added to the website like:

  • Like/Sharing buttons
  • Employee engagement initiative
  • RSS feeds
  • User rating about new service/product
  • Polls

Type 2: Off-site SMO

Some social media features work outside the purview of the website like:

  • Blogs
  • Press Release
  • Joining social networks
  • Participating in discussions
  • Viral advertising

Why you need SMO Services?

Today internet is submerged with numerous websites and business, to differentiate yourself from the crowd you need to have something special. SMO can spice up your entire web presence to make you outshine your competitors and SEO can provide the extra zing to your website, and Study reveals that 82% of employees use social networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to find a new job.

  • 87% of Indian employees use social media to research an organization they are scheduling to join.
  • 75% of social media employees track social media for negative reviews about organizations.
  • 93% of Indian organizations allow social media access through the office.

More and more visitors are using the internet and various social media platforms as the number of users increase the influential power of this media. Today these social media platforms are also a trusted source of information and influence user behavior. Normally, individuals spend 3-4 hours daily on social networking sites. To communicate online Social media is the most powerful way of communicating.

  • Facebook has 600 million users
  • Twitter 190 million users
  • Myspace 260 users million

Other SMO services

  • Blogs are an essential part of most websites. Maintaining and creating a professional business blog for your website is our responsibility.
  • RSS feeds.
  • Setup and maintenance of Twitter Account.
  • Setup and personalizing you tube videos accoun.
  • More and more people are looking for relevant information online. A well-written article which easy to find and easy to read will boost your standing as professional in your field.

What do we do?

Upfront our social media marketing team works closely with you and your management to know your brand thoroughly. We work on understanding your objectives and expectations from the SMO strategy. Next, our professionals work to create high-quality influential content and other peripherals, which will be used to relay right brand sentiment for your brand via social networking sites suitable to your business.

Social media sites are becoming popular day-by-day the number of visitors is huge, and hence to differentiate your brand from others on these sites. The first look of your profile page is crucial for your business. Our team will work to design an exclusive and professional page for you, which will help you make that ‘wow’ impression.

Why you need us?

Nowadays everybody knows how to use Social media. So why do you need us? Sure no reason. You can do the entire task yourself.

  • Create accounts and profiles on social networking sites.
  • All these accounts are networked amongst themselves and with your main business website.
  • Make personalize and custom design your accounts.
  • Frequently and regularly post on these accounts.
  • Regular customer interaction on these websites.
  • Show immense perseverance and patience, because social media works slowly.
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