The world of design has taken an adaptive approach with the recently trending responsive web design. It facilitates multiple devices support for one website. It becomes tough to deal with picky clients who have varying demands, and responsive web design helps to meet these criteria effortlessly. If you have been searching for the best website designing company USA, then you have come to the right spot. Read below the numerous pros and cons associated with responsive web design.

The Pros

Friendly Experience for the Users

When it comes to an interface that can adapt to users in a friendly manner, responsive web design does the trick. It covers a wide range of devices including the tablets, monitors, Smartphones, TV, iPhone and Android platforms. The friendly interface allows the users to easily navigate through the components which add to a smooth experience.

Saving Costs on the Development

Responsive web design helps in saving expenses related to development and design as it requires designing two sets of renderings for the web interface of mobile and PC. While it requires developing just 3 CSS styles sets from the front end development’s point of view.

SEO Compatible

One can gather the links of social sharing via a single URL. Responsive web design is very much workable with SEO, so much that Google prioritizes it as well, as it can deal with the content and HTML regardless of the chosen page version.

The Cons

Extended Loading Time

The loading process can be a bit slow as a few CSS/HTML files take time to load. The images on a responsive website get scaled-down visually instead of getting resized to achieve faster loading.

Less Compatibility with the Old Version

In case you users are using the outdated version of the browser then the responsive design can trigger issues for the older browsers.

Development is Time Consuming

Aiming to convert a site into the responsive model can be very time-consuming. It is recommended to redesign the website from scratch by creating prototypes to CSS/ HTML development.