We Are Contizant

Our multi-cultural team is made up of creative, analysts, and strategists.
We have a handful of the questioner that like to challenge our own assumptions and a group of perfectionists that don’t know when to quit.
We’re innovators and thinkers who are determined to re-imagine the way we do digital.

Contizant Consulting Pvt. Ltd is a next-gen IT service provider, who works together with individuals all over the world. We pride in turning our users into most successful companies, most high-performance, and we do that with our amazing experience and detailed intelligence system which works across various domains and industries. Our headquarters are in USA and India. Each and every employee at Contizant Consulting is fully committed to quality and innovation, which has plenty of customers and a very high client retention rate.


As IT Company, we work proactively to gain insights into the latest and greatest in the tech world and meet our clients’ ever-growing needs.

Mobile Team

Web Team

Java development

UX and Frontend

Security Division

Ecommerce team/Hybris

Devops & Server management

Sales, Business Analysts & PM’s

Digital Marketing  & TechPubs

Customer Support team (L1, L2, L3)

What do we Do?

Our services are integrated and comprehensive, from our web design and development service to mobile applications development to Digital Marketing / SEO to our high-level e-business applications. We have enough experience to guarantee quality, competence, and swift execution on any project you may have for us, from a mid-size portal to a complex web portal development, as well as custom solutions.

Growing your business online

The driving force behind everything we do at Contizant Consulting We don’t just build websites. Our only goal is to help our users grow their businesses and increase their bottom lines.

  • Think of Contizant Consulting as the Web design company. We don’t care about the design trends, latest technology, and online marketing – until we’ve personally tested and known it will make sense for you, your company, your project, and will drive results.
  • Every recommendation we make, everything we do, is based on experience and research in each of projects and on our clients’ industries and on theirs.
  • Through technical knowledge, strategic planning, and dedication to our clients’ success, we have helped a number of clients grow, market, and run their businesses more effectively using the web.

What We Believe

We believe that creating memorable experiences are the best way to connect with your customers and we also believe that creating customer-centric experiences are based on market research, and UX best practices are the best way to achieve Results on Internet (ROI). From dynamic web designs to digital marketing strategies, we believe that the custom solutions we create today will transcend the trends of tomorrow. No matter your service or product. And, we’re the best agency to tell it.

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